Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Greer's holiday :)

In the July school holidays, Greer and her family had an awesome holiday in Sydney.  Here are some of her favourite holiday pictures, and a story by Greer about her amazing holiday :)

In the photos below, Greer is having a yummy breakfast (the pancakes are as big as her!!), she saw turtles, baby crocodiles and stingrays at Manly Sealife park, she patted a kangaroo at Sydney Wildlife park, she cartwheeled on Bondi Beach, she climbed a HUGE crane (very large), and she visited a prison (very small) and a power station at Cockatoo Island, her family role played in the Titanic (very scarey!!, Richie was in 1st class, Dad and Greer were in 2nd class and Mum was in 3rd class).  Greer also met the Queen, Princess Katherine and Prince William - and she sat on the Queen's throne!!!  They are lookalike statues - but don't they look real!!! Prince Harry was there too but he didn't make the photo :)  

My holiday by Greer

In the holidays I went to Sydney.  I had to get up up at 3.00 am. We flew out at 7.30 am. We got to Sydney at 9.00 am and caught the train over to Central where our motel was.

First we went to Darling Harbour. We went to Sealife. There were dogfish and sharks and more.  We went to Wildlife I got to hold a koala.  It was fluffy. I also held a snake and a baby crocodile.  We went to Manly Sealife. I got to swim with sharks.  We went to Madam Tussauds.  The Queen was there.

I went to Cockatoo Island. We went to the jail and the power station.  

For breakfast we had buffet every day, but not Thursday.  For tea one night we had Chinese.  Another night we went to an Italian place and another night we went to the steak house.  Two nights we had tea at the motel.  

I went to the Opera House.  We went on a boat to Circular Quay  and we went on a train and a bus.

We went to a beach just out of Sydney.  I didn't swim.  It was too  cold.  

We went to a shopping centre.  We went to a chocolate shop there.  We got 11kg of Lindt chocolate for only $11!

There was a Nike shop there too.  I got nike pro shorts.  I got gold and grey and pink ones.  My mum got two pairs of shoes.  My dad got five tee-shirts.  My brother got nike air shoes.  

On Thursday we left our motel to go to Sydney Airport to fly home.  We had to get there at 3.30pm. We flew out at 6.30pm. It was a 3 hour flight to get to Auckland.  We got to Auckland at 12.30am.  We got home at 2.30am.

Thanks Mum and Dad, I had a fun holiday in Sydney.  Love from Greer.

Charlie's published writing :)

Our Charlie has had an article published in the New Zealand "Fishing and Outdoors" newspaper for June 2017!!!

Here is a photo of her awesome article about hunting deer, pig and boar.  The photo is of her and her sister Olivia when they were hunting.

We are super proud of our published class journalist!! Well done Charlie!!! :)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

End of term 2 in Room 10 :)

WOW!!! Its the end of term already!!!

At the end of the term we were lucky enough to have the awesome Mr Muir visit to talk to us about Healthy Eating and Projos Lunchbox.  Here's some photos of us working with him.
Here's photo from our first session with Mr Muir. We did this session with Room 9. Justin was our walking organ diagram, and Senator shared his 'super banana man'. :)

Term 2 our first session of Healthy Eating with Mr Muir on PhotoPeach

Term 2 Session 2 Healthy Eating with Mr Muir on PhotoPeach

Thursday night of week 10 was our PTA disco with a pyjama party theme.  It was a really cool night!! :)

The last few weeks we have been practising our Middle and Senior Syndicate jump jam sessions - our performance assembly will feature a special dance we had been working on to wow you all with :)  Here's some photos from our Jump Jam sessions - and a special session on Wig Day Wednesday, when quite a few 'famous' celebrities (their hair anyway!) joined us....

Jump Jam - Middle and Senior Syndicates :) on PhotoPeach

And that brings us to the end of an awesome, exciting Term 2, and the end of having the sensational, super, Mrs Spooner in the office... We wish her all the very very best for a fantastic retirement, we thank her with all our hearts for always being their for us and for all she does for us.  Mrs Spooner, you are simply the best, lots of love xxxooo  (here's a video of Room 10's thank you notes for Mrs Spooner - we snuck into her office while she wasn't there and had photos taken.... Ms Trow quickly put a Mrs Spooner wig on for her photo - stick to blonde Ms Trow, stick to blonde haha)...

Thank you the sensational Mrs Spooner!! We'll miss you!! on PhotoPeach

Monday, 5 June 2017

Week 5 and 6, Term 2 already!!! :)

Wow!!  This term is just flying by!!!

This week we continued with our Jump Jam, and started a Recycling unit of learning with the lovely Kathy - we will be continuing this over Week 6.

We have been working on finishing our Pirate theme with plays, poems and our "boat in a bottle" art.  Ms Trow will post photos once we have completed our projects :)

Our Joke of the Week is from Malcolm:

Why did Malcolm eat his homework?
- Because Ms Trow told him it was a 'piece of cake'!! hahahahaha...  :)

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Week 3 and 4, Term 2 in Room 10

This term we started whole school Jump Jam in the Rec Centre - 9:10 till 9:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Some awesome jump jam talent coming through - and not just from the students :)

We now have our Te Reo Feeling Emoji art on display in our cloakbay area - thanks again to the clever display skills of Kathy :)   And also our ANZAC display is up in our class.

We have also finished our Kiwiana art and acrostic poems - these will be displayed shortly in the classroom.  They look amazing :)

This week is our School Bookfair in the Library.  Our exciting theme this year is Pirates.  Ahoy there mateys - arrrrr arrrrr, it'll be a fun week to be sure!!  Dress up day will be in Pirate theme on Friday - for a gold coin donation.

We will be doing different Pirate based learning through the week also to get into the Bookfair Pirate spirit :)

We will also be starting a 'Survivor' style unit where we work in teams with daily problems and challenges to concur - the team 'surviving' at the end of the competition are the winners :)  Room 9 have already started their team work and challenges last week - we may do some challenges against them in this time too.

Our Joke of the Week is from Casey:

Why did the whale cross the road?
  - To get to the other TIDE :)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Welcome to Term 2 2017 in Room 10 :)

WOW!!  Term 2 is here already and Room 10 is busy and active with lots of learning and fun!! :)

Week 2:

This week we are finishing our Anzac activities with Room 9 and will have our Te Reo Emoji, Anzac and Tapa Cloth work displayed - we will post photos when these are completed, and so far they look amazing!! :)

On Tuesday we will start whole school Jump Jam 9:10-9:30am.  Room 10 will be hosting Jump Jam in the Rec Centre at this time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus practising in our Room Monday and Friday.  We are Jump Jam sensations!!! :)

This week is ROAD SAFETY WEEK!!  Students will be discussing and practising their Road Safety Skills.  Please ensure all students use the Safety Rules - especially using the School Kea Crossing when cross the road to/from school :)

Home learning this week includes Reading, Maths, Writing and Spelling practise.  Remembering that our spelling tests are every Friday :)

This week's School Value is Kaiwhiriwhiri - Inquirer.  Room 10's 2 top Inquirer's will receive certificates at Friday's assembly.

Reminder:  Stanley Avenue School Assembly = 2:05pm every Friday in the School Rec Centre.  Look forward to seeing you there :)

Week 1:

Starting the term we are finishing our Anzac activities with Room 9.  We will put photos of our finished art and learning when we are finished - but we are having a great time doing our Anzac activities.

This term we start using our new Stanley Avenue School Values Certificates for Friday's Assembly Certificates.  Each week we will focus on one of our 4 School Values, and this Value will be celebrated in the certificates awarded to 2 students each Friday :)

Week 1 we are focussing on Whaia kia u - Striving to Succeed.  Students will look at what this means and what this looks like, and teachers will be awarding the certificates to 2 students displaying this Value throughout the week.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Term 1 - weeks 9-11 in Room 10 :)

Week 11:
School holidays are nearly here already!!!  This week we finished off a lot of our display work, started our Anzac Day remembrance activities, and had fun with our Easter celebration work...  (we'll post a video of our processes when we've finished them.... but they look awesome!!)... watch this blog :)

Here we are with Shay, from Te Aroha College, having fun and working hard :)  Thanks for your awesome help Shay - what an awesome teacher-in-training :)  You're welcome back to Room 10 whenever you like :)

Week 10:

This month (April), Warehouse Stationery is holding a post postcards promotion - you can post as many postcards as you like for free in April - anywhere in the world!!!! :)

We have been working with our buddies in Room 9 making and creating cool collage emojis of different feelings.  We will display these in our rooms with the Te Reo Maori translations for the feelings.  They look amazing so far!! :)

Te Reo Maori Emoji feeling collages with Room 9 :) on PhotoPeach

Home Learning this week - the students will have the basic facts sheets for their maths level to practise.  Being able to remember their basic facts instantly helps students to quickly and correctly solve mathematical problems and learn new strategies easily and successfully :).

This Friday is our Performance Assembly - we look forward to sharing our syndicate singing item with you.  Assembly will be from 2pm Friday :)

Week 9:

For Tuakana Teina #3 we learnt how to make cool word art with our Room 1 buddies.  Here we are learning and creating our word art, using the tagul.com website:

Tuakana Teina #3 - Tagul word art with Room 1 :) on PhotoPeach

Congratulations to Shavonne and Taranpreet for gaining the Principal's stickers for their FABULICIOUS Kiwiana art work... We are also creating and publishing acrostic poems that we will display with our cool Kiwiana art work :)  Look at their awesome art work!  Well done girls - you worked hard and created awesome posters!!! :)

Joke of the week - from Casey:

What do you call 2 open banana skins on the road?
- a pair of slippers :)