Sunday, 3 September 2017

Term 3, Week 7 and 8 in Room 10 :)

WOW!!!! Week 7 already!!

A huge CONGRATS to our school Winter Olympics team who competed last week.  In particular the team cheer which was awesome!!!  And we won best cheer :)  Well done team - we're super proud of you all!!! :)

Last week we had a group of us and Ms Trow go to Morrinsville for the annual Gymsport Festival. Ms Trow will be posting photos later in the week - and certificates will be handed out at this week's assembly.  Well done team!! :)  and big thanks to Lori and her awesome team for all their dedicated, talented and patient coaching!!

This term we have been working on our speeches.  We will be holding our speech session with Room 9 in the middle block on Friday.  Our speeches are to be 2 minutes long each.  These will help prepare us for our future senior speeches - which are for years 6 and up :)

Ms Trow will post more photos here this week - we're having a few technical issues :)

Please feel free to call in and see our speeches :)

Joke of the week from Casey:

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Barbie who?

Our Joke of the week for week 8 is from Ella:

What do you call a brownie that's sad?
- A frownie :)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Term 3, week 4 in Room 10

This Thursday afternoon is our school cross country event!!  We will be starting the races around 1pm across the road at Boyd Park.  If you can be there we'd love to see you :)  we have been training hard and we aim to do well in our running :)

We will decide at morning tea if the event is cancelled due to weather - and the save day for the event is the following day (Friday)...  we have to run it this week as the District event is next Wednesday.

PLEASE let your child know to let Ms Trow know if you will be collecting them from the event afterwards - as all class and cloakroom doors will be locked in the school while the event is on.  If you are collecting your child from the event they will need to take their school bag over - otherwise their bags will be locked in the cloakbay until we return.

Fingers and toes crossed for a beautiful day :)

This week we are finishing our class persuasive writing projects on whether we are for or against zoos.  At the end of this project students will start their own speech writing for our class speeches.  These can be either persuasive (to debate an opinion on a topic) or informative (to discuss a topic).  The Senior school speech finals will be held in Tuesday of Week 8 with the winners competing at the Rotary speech finals in Week 9.  As the Senior Speech Finals are for years 6 and up, Rooms 9 and 10 will be having class speeches and finals between them - with the finals being in front of some of the other Middle/Senior classes :)  (This is to help prepare the students to be confident in speech writing and speaking).

Last week Room 10 held 1 minute 'on the spot' speeches on topics Ms Trow picked.  All the students spoke very well with some very confident, funny speeches being shared.  To speak in front of an audience with no preparation is a very important skill to have and builds confidence in the students abilities to communicate :)

In maths we are moving onto geometry (shape, position, orientation and transformation), and finalising our learning using adding/subtracting using a part partitioning strategy.  We will be moving onto solving equations with a missing middle number (addend) once we are all confident in subtracting.

Here are some photos from our sugar in food research - our graphs and findings will be on display in our classroom next week :)

Sugar in our foods maths research photos on PhotoPeach

In reading we have been reading persuasive/debate articles to help with our writing, as well as working on our book reviews.  We hope to have our book reviews completed and on display next week.  This week we also started some more chapter book readings.  Next week we hope to have some cool new chapter book sets to read through as Ms Trow (with Ms T, Mrs Haddock and Miss Malone) will be meeting Jenny at the RTLB rooms to source some sets to use in class.  Jenny has some awesome cool book sets - so Ms Trow is looking forward to bringing these into the class. We will also continue to use School Journal articles in our reading as well.  Our focus is on identifying and summarising the main points in our reading and looking at character, plot, setting etc.

Thursday afternoons we have started our Culture time when the Kapa Haka group has been practising.  This will move back to Wednesday middle block after cross country has been held.  We have 4 options running that students have selected:  Kapa Haka (preparing for the upcoming festival), Dance (hip hop), Singing, and Rad Rhythm.  We will be performing from these groups at the end of term Performance Assembly :)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Week 3, Term 3 in Room 10

Week 3 Term 3 already!!!  This week we have continued training our cross country - reminder:  the school cross country is on Thursday next week (week 4 - 17 August)!!!  The spare day is the following day (Friday) and we have to run it that week as the District's are on the following week, on Wednesday (23 August).

In Week 3 we learnt about the Sugar in our drinks with Mr Muir - here are some photos of us learning with Mr Muir.  We also completed some booklets and had a leaflet to bring home telling parents and caregivers all about the amounts of sugar in common drinks - we were shocked by how much sugar is in some of our yummy drinks :(

Learning about the sugar in our drinks with Mr Muir on PhotoPeach

In maths we have been researching and gathering data on how much sugar is in different foods that we eat.  We also compared the sugar amounts to the saturated fat content in the foods (these are the bad fats).  We are currently displaying our group findings - and we were very shocked at some of the results....  We will put on some photos of our findings when we have finished our display.

This week's joke is from Charlie:

Is your refrigerator running?
       Yes..... well you better catch it!!!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Term 3, Week 2 in Room 10 :)

This week we showcased our dance item at assembly.  We were so nervous but really excited to show the hard work we've been putting in to learning and practising our dance :)

Miss T videoed it for us, so Ms Trow will have it here for you when its been uploaded - but we were awesome - FABULICIOUS even :)

This week Mr Muir took Room 9 and 10 for some running training fitness - with our upcoming School Cross Country coming up quickly (Thursday week 4).  We have been training through the wetlands Tuesday and Thursday.  (Ms Trow is hoping to get fitter participating in the training each day too).

Here we are training with Mr Muir:

Fitness training with Mr Muir - Week 2 on PhotoPeach

Next week we have Mr Muir coming to talk to us about the sugar in our drinks.  We will be able to compare these with our maths statistics study graphs about the sugar in foods we have in our pantry.  We have been researching different foods in our groups and will be putting our data onto graphs next week.  We will be showing the grams and the teaspoons of sugar in our servings...  very scarey amounts!!!

Our writing this week has been finishing our rhyming winter poems - it takes time to write a good rhyme :)  these will be on display next week... and they look awesome :)

We did our term spelling test on Friday and Ms Trow has marked those - please remember you only have to focus on 5 words in your spelling list each week and aim to pass the master as soon as you think you can spell the whole list. :)

Our joke of the week is from Taranpreet:

What do you call a dog in the sun?
     - A hot dog :)

Week 3's Winter Olympics $2.50 School Lunch will be hot chicken bun - yum!!!   Remember to order them by Wednesday to ensure you get one Thursday :)

Monday, 31 July 2017

Jayson's Holiday Space Research

My Space Study - by Jayson

In the holidays I studied space and everything about it like:

  • In the middle of the galaxy there is a black hole in every Milky Way.

  • Without a Black Hole in the middle of the Galaxy, there will never be a Galaxy.

  • Black Holes have a gravitational pull .  This pulls everything to it - like the gases from the Galaxy, this holds everything in the Galaxy together.

  • Black Holes are also important to the Galaxy as they have a dense gravity.  The Galaxy needs this to support it.

  • A Black Hole is made by a dying star that then forms into a Black Hole.  The fragments of the exploded star collide together and form the Black Hole.

  • How are Supernovas made?  A star collapses on its core and two stars collide together to form a Supernova.  These have to happen together to form the Supernova.  Supernova’s are very common.

  • Gamma Ray bursts are made with a Supernova.  The Gamma Ray is formed from a star that is spinning faster than the speed of light which then explodes and makes a Supernova with a laser firing out of it.

Made by Jayson thanks for reading my research.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Greer's holiday :)

In the July school holidays, Greer and her family had an awesome holiday in Sydney.  Here are some of her favourite holiday pictures, and a story by Greer about her amazing holiday :)

In the photos below, Greer is having a yummy breakfast (the pancakes are as big as her!!), she saw turtles, baby crocodiles and stingrays at Manly Sealife park, she patted a kangaroo at Sydney Wildlife park, she cartwheeled on Bondi Beach, she climbed a HUGE crane (very large), and she visited a prison (very small) and a power station at Cockatoo Island, her family role played in the Titanic (very scarey!!, Richie was in 1st class, Dad and Greer were in 2nd class and Mum was in 3rd class).  Greer also met the Queen, Princess Katherine and Prince William - and she sat on the Queen's throne!!!  They are lookalike statues - but don't they look real!!! Prince Harry was there too but he didn't make the photo :)  

My holiday by Greer

In the holidays I went to Sydney.  I had to get up up at 3.00 am. We flew out at 7.30 am. We got to Sydney at 9.00 am and caught the train over to Central where our motel was.

First we went to Darling Harbour. We went to Sealife. There were dogfish and sharks and more.  We went to Wildlife I got to hold a koala.  It was fluffy. I also held a snake and a baby crocodile.  We went to Manly Sealife. I got to swim with sharks.  We went to Madam Tussauds.  The Queen was there.

I went to Cockatoo Island. We went to the jail and the power station.  

For breakfast we had buffet every day, but not Thursday.  For tea one night we had Chinese.  Another night we went to an Italian place and another night we went to the steak house.  Two nights we had tea at the motel.  

I went to the Opera House.  We went on a boat to Circular Quay  and we went on a train and a bus.

We went to a beach just out of Sydney.  I didn't swim.  It was too  cold.  

We went to a shopping centre.  We went to a chocolate shop there.  We got 11kg of Lindt chocolate for only $11!

There was a Nike shop there too.  I got nike pro shorts.  I got gold and grey and pink ones.  My mum got two pairs of shoes.  My dad got five tee-shirts.  My brother got nike air shoes.  

On Thursday we left our motel to go to Sydney Airport to fly home.  We had to get there at 3.30pm. We flew out at 6.30pm. It was a 3 hour flight to get to Auckland.  We got to Auckland at 12.30am.  We got home at 2.30am.

Thanks Mum and Dad, I had a fun holiday in Sydney.  Love from Greer.

Charlie's published writing :)

Our Charlie has had an article published in the New Zealand "Fishing and Outdoors" newspaper for June 2017!!!

Here is a photo of her awesome article about hunting deer, pig and boar.  The photo is of her and her sister Olivia when they were hunting.

We are super proud of our published class journalist!! Well done Charlie!!! :)